2023 Final Report to the Colorado Legislature

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What is the Office of Public Guardianship?

The Colorado Office of Public Guardianship (OPG) is a public agency established by the Colorado General Assembly. Pursuant to § 13-94-104(1), C.R.S. (2017), the Colorado General Assembly created the Office of Public Guardianship within the Judicial Department.

The Director and the OPG Board have the decision-making authority to determine agency policy. The Director serves at the pleasure of the OPG Board pursuant to § 13-94-104(3), C.R.S. (2019).

The Colorado OPG currently operates in the Second and Seventh Judicial Districts covering the following counties:

  • Denver
  • Delta
  • Gunnison
  • Hinsdale
  • Montrose
  • Ouray
  • San Miguel

The Colorado OPG is currently expanding into the Sixteenth Judicial District (Bent, Crowley and Otero counties).

SB23-064 became effective July 1, 2023, and extends the office indefinitely and requires the office to operate in every judicial district in the State by December 31, 2030.


The Mission of the Colorado OPG is to provide guardianship services for indigent and incapacitated adults when other guardianship possibilities are exhausted. If Colorado adults lack willing and appropriate family or friends, resources to compensate a private guardian, and access to public service organizations that offer guardianship, the Colorado OPG provides guardianship services to secure the health and safety of these individuals while safeguarding their individual rights and preserving their independence wherever possible.

Value Statements

Dignity: At-risk adults are treated with individual dignity and respect.

Self-determination: The concerns and decisions of at-risk adults are, to the greatest extent possible, considered with the assistance to regain or develop capacities and participate in supported decision-making and person-centered planning.

Access and Quality: At-risk adults should receive timely access to appropriate services, consistent with best practice, to ensure personal safety and well-being.

Collaboration: The Colorado OPG actively seeks collaborative relationships with governmental and community stakeholders to maximize resources and support continuous improvement of policies and processes.

Accountability and Transparency: Outcomes of the Colorado OPG are defined, documented, and made available to the Colorado General Assembly and the public, as required by statute, accurately and on a timely basis.

Vision Statement

The Colorado OPG will serve at-risk adults with dignity and collaborate with stakeholders to assist in ensuring individuals receive appropriate public guardianship services. The Colorado OPG will educate stakeholders of the value and dignity of at-risk adults to consistently implement least restrictive alternatives and supportive decision-making to ensure the appropriate level of public guardianship is tailored on an individual basis.

State of Colorado Accessibility Statement

The State of Colorado is committed to providing equitable access to our services to all Coloradans.

Our ongoing accessibility effort works towards being in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), levels A and AA criteria. These guidelines not only help make web content accessible to users with sensory, cognitive, and mobility disabilities but ultimately to all users, regardless of ability.

Our efforts are just part of a meaningful change in making all State of Colorado services inclusive and accessible. We welcome comments on how to improve our technology’s accessibility for users with disabilities and for requests for accommodations to any OPG services.

Requests for accommodations and feedback

We welcome your requests for accommodations and feedback about the accessibility of OPG’s online services. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers. OPG is committed to responding within one business day.

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