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Please help us expand our program to other counties by filling out this survey!

This survey will ask questions about the need for public guardianship services in your community. The information you provide will be extremely valuable in assessing the need for public guardianship in Colorado.

The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete, and what you tell us will be invaluable in determining the need for guardianship services in Colorado. Please click on the link provided to take part in the survey.


Please forward to all Administrators and Staff within your organization.        

Please complete the survey by Friday, August 27, 2021.   

Become a Successor Guardian – Guardianship Academy

Compared to the need, the Colorado OPG can serve a limited number of Coloradoan adults. Identifying appropriate successor guardians for OPG clients would allow the OPG to serve new eligible individuals.

The Colorado OPG will develop a Guardianship Academy to train and support successor guardians. If you are interested in becoming a guardian and furthering the goals and independence of an adult under guardianship, please review What is a Guardianship (link pending) and complete the Become a Successor Guardian form (link pending).

Become a Collaborative Partner/Stakeholder

The Colorado OPG handles all aspects of an individual’s life. Therefore, the Colorado OPG interacts with various direct care providers, advocates, advocacy agencies, health and medical providers, governmental agencies, General Assembly, attorneys, fiduciaries, private guardians, and educational entities.

The Colorado OPG welcomes you to become a collaborative partner or donor to assist the OPG in fulfilling its Mission.

The Colorado OPG Inside Look is a publication providing information and resources for CO OPG clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Become a Volunteer/Intern

The Colorado OPG invites you to become a volunteer to assist with administrative duties and supporting Public Guardians when providing services to clients. For more information, please sign up to Become a Volunteer or Intern.

Employment with the OPG

We are not accepting applications for Public Guardian positions at this time.