Josh Murphy

Josh MUrphy, J.D.
Staff Attorney 

Josh came to OPG in February 2024 after four years as Staff Attorney for the Jackson County Office of the Public Administrator in Kansas City, Missouri. Serving the second largest county in the State of Missouri, the Office handles as many as 1,000-1,300 guardianship, conservatorship, and decedent estates at any given time, and as one of three staff attorneys Josh managed roughly one-third of the Office’s caseload overseeing all aspects of legal consultation, analysis, and representation of the Public Administrator in his fiduciary capacity. He spent a significant amount of time in court litigating pre- and post-appointment matters and regularly prepared and filed court reports accounting for assets in conservatorship and decedent estates.

Originally a native of Iowa, Josh earned his J.D. at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and began his legal career at Legal Aid of Western Missouri advocating for the rights of elder and disabled individuals in guardianships, public and private health benefits, landlord-tenant disputes and others. He considers himself a career public servant and fortunate to have had the opportunity to join OPG in Denver where most of his immediate family members have resided for many years.