Teresa Esquibel


Teresa Esquibel is a Native of Colorado and has a long family history of seven generations that have made Colorado their home. Teresa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration and worked in the Criminal Justice field for over 19 years. She started as a Victim Advocate volunteer and then was hired as a staff Victim Advocate for the Westminster Police Department. Later, Teresa was a Case Manager over DUI clients at Intervention Inc. in Adams and Jefferson Counties.

In 2019 Teresa continued with her professional goal to serve by working with the homeless population as a Case Manager II for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Teresa has extensive knowledge and skill in working with both victims and offenders of crime and the homeless populations. She has been instrumental in assisting those populations in their dealings with the Criminal Justice system while at the same time searching out and suggesting community resources that would assist individuals in building stronger, healthier, positive lives.

While engaged in working with these varied populations Teresa has honed her abilities in communication, advocacy, motivational interviewing, and community resourcing. The skills and knowledge gained from social work, advocacy, criminal justice, and community outreach over the last twenty-two years have provided a firm foundation for working with the Colorado Office of Public Guardianship. Teresa’s interpersonal skills, people-centric nature, best practice, and ethical standards have afforded her excellent teamwork, skill, and collaboration abilities as a public servant.